Nishanthini’s Assignment.

Blog title : EAT YOUR GREENS.

Blog link :

This site “Eat your Greens” is a food blog featuring easy and quick recipe, beautiful food photography and cooking techniques which has many post that would give you some of the recipes that you might ever want to know. The author of this blog is Anjali. She’s a food writer, new mom, former personal chef and current graduate student studying to be a registered dietitian. She’s obsessed with vegetables and the recipes that she share here is basically what she likes to cook at home: healthy, economical, mostly vegetarian meals that are easy to prepare at the end of a long day of work or school. In 2012, Anjali left her job as a personal chef to start a master’s program in Nutrition at California State University Northridge, with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian. She fell in love with food and cooking while living in Japan and teaching English to high school students through the JET Programme. She’s also a writer for home-cooking blog The kitchen.

The eye appeal was very detailed thought for, the colors, the pictures, the letters, everything with some sort of attractive side was neatly chosen and applied. This also sets the very main point of the site. One thing is for sure, there’s no confusion on finding the topic as its well presented for the viewers & first of all it is called Eat your Greens, which is clear for the viewer to understand and also the sub-headline is written straightforward about the topic.

As mentioned, this site has various post to share numbers of healthy recipes with readers. Besides sharing the healthy food recipes, Anjali also shares out her daily lifestyle and what’s happening around her. But, the focused section which is the food part is the most appealing and interesting for it is explained briefly and the effects it makes on the mood and attract the readers to visit her blog and capture the message and image she is trying to share around.

Anjali’s blog has influenced me in many ways because I love cooking and I love to explore exotic cuisine from different countries. This blog has helped change my eating habit. I learned how to cook simple yet healthy foods in order to avoid outside foods which is unhealthy. Well, we cannot use a healthy lifestyle without balance. What I see with so most of this advice today would it be is often unrealistic and unnecessary. In fact, this fanaticism with healthy eating generally seems to make people less healthy overall. The mainstream healthy lifestyle message has become correlated with a surge in both eating disorders and weight issues. It does little good should your body is healthy, but they’re unhappy with your life. It is important to allow yourself to look for a healthy lifestyle balance in every of the aspects of your health.

In addition, it’s a well written blog with a proper English which can be easily understood by the readers. She shares her recipes together with her daily life stories which attracted me to browse through her blog deeper to know her well. This site fits with people from all walks of life who is interested in cooking and loves to try out new foods. It might be good, though, to pin point the foods you might want to try out, it’s kind of an organizer of thoughts; it is a list, giving you all the recipes you might be interested. For example, if someone wants to try out French picnic lentil salad, I will say that this blog is a good choice. Each recipe post also has a “Printable recipe” option. In case you decide to cook a recipe, you can print it out and carry with you to the kitchen.

I believe that one of the most important things in a diet is variety. That is why her recipes sometimes are raw and other times cooked, sometimes they call for buckwheat and other times for oat. Eating is about feeling good, not following rules. I have to say the Nut & seed banana oat snack bars is a quick, super delicious and beautiful snack. I love eating sunflower seeds as its my all-time favorite.

My food philosophy is simple, I enjoy simple home cooked meals just as much as I enjoy fancy gourmet meals and street-foods. I also enjoy every bite as if it were the best morsel of food I ever put in my mouth. I like to cook from scratch and show you how I did it with the help of this kind of blogs. I am not a professionally trained chef by any means. I just enjoy the few moments I get in the kitchen and would love to try out the fun of cooking new food.


Nurzada Kumisbek’s Assignment

“Doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at a time.” Aaron Wall, Author of the SEOBOOK Blog
Screen Shot of YouTube page of Iren Vladi

Screen Shot of YouTube page of Iren Vladi,

Blog link:

Review of my lovely Blogger!

Hi, my darlings! I am going to share with you my lovely bloggers. Nowadays a lot of people, no matter which age, gender, nationality doing daily blogs in different “internet places” as YouTube, websites and social pages. So, todays we are guys have so many options to teach, learn, show and share our interests! That is really one of the great things to spend your free time! As an example, today I found a great video on my friend’s Facebook page about how to live a happy life. It just made my day. There is the link guys, if you want to watch it:

That is just the example of how it is great sharing nice information. But usually I watch videos of my beauty bloggers.

My favourite blogger is Iren Vladi from Russia. She is beauty blogger, if I can call her as a “beauty blogger”. She started her videos about cosmetics and other beauty products, but today she takes videos almost about everything what is useful and interesting for her audience. I would like to tell you guys about her a little. But she never tells about her private life, what I actually appreciate. Everyone has to have own private life too. I know only that she married, lives in Moscow and if I am not mistaken she doesn’t have kids yet. Even about her marital status she told after one year since she started her “career” in YouTube. I remember she used to do something like “open time” or do not know how to call it, when she talks with her audience. She used to spend one hour once in month to answer questions from followers and talk about comments what they wrote. I also appreciate it, because I can see how she appreciates her audience, her own channel and its reputation. She is one of the top beauty bloggers on YouTube with almost 181, 500 followers. She has influenced me in many ways. I like her so much.

Our story of friendship or how did I find her?

The first time when I found her video was when I had a problem with my hairs, because they were dropping a lot. Then I just started searching about recipes for hair masks and I found her video. Then I liked the video and started to watch it every day. It became as a kind of routine, hahah. No, I just like her videos and her channel something like I have to watch almost every day. The other thing from her diary blogs I could see her personality. I like her as a person too, we have similar habits and vision of life. For sure, I do not her completely, but I know that she eats healthy foods, she goes to the gym, she checks every ingredient before to buy something and other kind of right things.

Why do I like her videos?

1. I like her videos, because she tells useful things for her audience. For example, her advices about how to care about hairs helped me so much. She posted a video where she told about wooden hairbrushes and explained how do we need to choose them. Finally, I could find a nice wood hairbrushes in Malaysia and my hairs are dropping less now. Thank you, Iren so much! You are my life saver!

2. I can trust her. As I said before, she always checks ingredients, prices, quality of everything before she shows on YouTube and never lies. Usually she tells and shows beauty products what beauty products used on herself. She has some knowledges in chemistry and biology, which helps to her choose the right products. She always explains why exactly the product is healthy, good or useful.

3. I like to listen to her advices, because she usually uses natural products, which are ever will be better than any other chemical things. I also prefer ethnoscience and folk remedies like she too.

4. I like her techniques, environment what she uses in her videos. She is a perfectionist as she says too. She always tries to make her videos better as mush as it possible. She even learned about how to shoot video, how to choose cameras and also shared it with her audience. She is a very responsible person. I really like it. Some bloggers do not care about the quality of video or environment where the video was taken. But I think, it is important when you have enough followers.

5. I like that she always prepare everything and practise herself before she takes a photo or video. Her voice is clear to listen, she does not judge someone’s videos, she talks exactly only about the topic what she needs to say. Some bloggers talk to much, what I do not like. Even if I know, that it is hard edit your information to make it short and good in the same time.

What I do not like?

The only thing what I do not like is that some of her products are expensive. Actually, that’s not her fault, but anyway, sometimes it’s hard to find or buy that product. For example, I bought two wooden hairbrushes for 120 and 65 ringgit in Malaysia, because I couldn’t find them in Kazakhstan. But they are really useful! So, thank you Iren!

Wooden hair brushes
                 Wooden hair brushes

Written by SuN!

Amanda Reade’s Assignment

Blog Title: Top 5 Long Lasting Makeup Product

Blog Link: (by Negin Mirsalehi)

I chose a fashion/beauty lifestyle blog to write a review about, it’s based on the fashion blogger herself and the top five lasting make up products. Negin Mirsalehi is one of my favourite Dutch fashion blogger that I started following early last year. She began to be an impact towards my sense of style the way I look at clothing and how it could combine into an outfit. Every season she updates on the trend look of the month and it’s refreshing to see new ideas. She travels around the world and keep herself up to date on her daily lifestyle. In her blog she talks about the latest update in beauty, fashion and even lifestyle. She’s one of the top bloggers in the world, with 1.2 million followers on instagram. She’s a fashion expert/stylist/entrepreneur and shares experiences with the fashion world through her lenses. Recently she created an account on snapchat, and she shares her life through 10 seconds of video for her followers, including me. She has influenced me in many ways. From the way I look at clothing from material, to colour and to style. From the way I look at products from prices, to quality, to experiences.

The blog is quite simply yet classy. The main two colours used are black and white with a touch of grey. The details and the headlines are well placed on the header of the website and some on the right hand side. Written details include pictures are place in the center and its properly organize from recent posts to older posts. One of her post includes the map of the globe, and it marks the destinations she has visited and she includes a short post of the trips background.

She focuses on today’s topic, which is top five long lasting make up products, as she explains the products benefits in details and how she comes across with this product. For instance, she stated that during summer heat make- up fades off quickly and she explains about this product called Make Up Forever Mist & Fix how it’s a suitable product for all skin types to last during the day and throughout the night and it’s a product that keep foundation in tact. Surprisingly, I have the product of my own as well. From my experience, it’s one of the products you will keep forever. It has kept my make up throughout the humid day without a smudge.

The content she writes is straightforwardly about the products and she includes pictures/gifs that captures her silly faces using the product and demonstrates it. One of the highlights in this article is the moving gifs she put to demonstrate the product make up forever mist & fix. She shares her voice by writing it down with the knowledge, experiences and lifestyle she come across in her daily life. It’s personally professional written by her. She’s on point with her style when she explains what she wear, how she wears, why she wear them and she’s on point when it comes to newest product because she explains in details on how the product is suitable for her skin and by that she will recommend it for her followers.

She uses simple and strong vocabulary with proper grammar and punctuations and even though born and raised in Amsterdam with the first language being Flemish/Dutch, she speaks and write in fluent English. Each product she explains in one paragraph because she knows that no one would read a five paragraph worth about one product. As she writes about the product, she includes a short personal reason why she chose for his product. The website itself overall reflects her messages about the latest in-sight trend, an up-to date on and in the fashion world, places she has visited includes stories and background about the trips. Her blog even comes in 34 languages.

The blog audience is towards young ladies whom find the blogger beautiful, an inspiration in the fashion world, young adults who look up to the blogger as a fashion icon mother. Not to mention, other fashion blogger too. Personally, I follow her because the way she styles herself is very simple and chic to mix and match during daily wear and it’s always a fresh up-to-date look.

Despite all that, I personally think that her website is too simple with a little bit of touch in colors and background designs would make the website come to life. Right now she has a lot of colours in her photographs, but scrolling through the website is simple. The best part of it, the product being introduced on the blog has its own link attached to it, and it goes straight to the products website shopping chart whenever you are ready to buy on the spot. For someone who needs fashion advice or inspiration or interest, this website is a great place to seek new ideas or just to keep an update with fashion and her lifestyle.

Written by, Amanda Reade

Blog Review – Syed Faizan Raza

Blog Title: The complete and logical guide to winning at your own life in 19 super difficult steps (by Paul Jarvis)

Blog Link:

The piece of writing I chose to review is a lifestyle blog, but it’s a lifestyle blog that does not talk about the cosmetic things of life. There’s no talk of fashion, food or looks. It talks about how to be happy in life, in more hip terms, it talks about how to ‘win’ at life. Normally such blogs are a load of philosophical bulls**t, this one isn’t. It goes beyond celebrating the materialism of life but doesn’t sway away from being relatable. It talks about your inner self and empowerment and how not giving a damn about the world in 19 different ways can considerably heighten your self-esteem. It doesn’t just tell you to screw what the world thinks and leave you hanging with you still trying to weigh the pros and cons. It tells you WHY you should screw what the world thinks and provides you with the pros that greatly outweigh the cons.

There is a smooth flow of words, phrases and sentences. The arrangement of each of the nineteen ways appears to be well-thought of. Each paragraph provides an opening into where the writer will take you next and keeps the reader’s mind from wandering, preventing it from drawing its own conclusions. There is a visible transition effect from one topic to the next, so as to not make them appear unlinked and disconnected. Each topic carefully yet subtly leads the reader to the next.

A particular element that becomes apparent just a few lines in is that the writer’s jargon is such that it appears he’s directly talking to the reader in person. If he was sitting next to the reader, his sentences in speech wouldn’t be different from what was written. There is no use of heavy vocabulary that might intimidate a less intellectually sound reader. It delivers the message in simple terms, yet manages to be filled with profundities. That’s one of the most pulling qualities of the blog post.

Each of the nineteen ways mentioned in the post either leaves you subconsciously smiling or nodding in agreement. It’s because we’ve all been there. We come across the situations explored in the post on a frequent basis. We’re judged, either openly or silently, for things we do that even slightly divert from what’s considered acceptable to them. Or we’ve refrained from being what we want to be, just to please the world and escape the metaphorical raised eyebrows. To say that the writer’s words are relatable would be an understatement. They resonate completely with any reader who has stepped out in the world.

Even though the writer mentions that you should go through the post whenever ‘anything shitty happens’, you don’t really need to. The post has such an impact that the message gets embedded in your head. Sure you might want to read it again, but not because you forgot what he said. The words he has put together aren’t forgettable. In fact, they leave you wanting for more. It is a long post, one that most people would not want to read. But he addresses that in the opening sentences, which makes them curious as to what it really is that’s making him sound so pretentious, and are likely to read till the end, which they wouldn’t have if the writer had directly jumped into his subject.

By the time you’re done reading the blog you realize something important that the writer has not explicitly stated anywhere. There’s an “Aha!” moment, or at least there was for me. It’s that people have always judged and always will. There’s nothing you can do to appease them. You bow down today, they’ll do it again tomorrow. And as much as you might hate it, it’s their right to judge. But that is it. They have the right to judge and it stops there. They do not hold the right to make someone feel less of a person as a result of their judgment. Also that there’s a limit to how much they can bother you. If you continue to ignore them and go about doing things your way anyways, there will come a time when they will stop. This is a lesson that’s implied and ties together everything mentioned in the post. And it’s something that I’ve practiced and seen that it holds true. People eventually back off when they see you’re paying no heed to what they think. So in a way this blog also acts as a reassurance for those who already practice most of the ways mentioned. There’s something to take away from the writeup for everyone, regardless of whether you’re already winning at life or not.


Make someone’s day sweeter!!!

“I am starting to think that maybe memories are like this dessert. I eat it, and it becomes a part of me, whether I remember it later or not.” 

Erica Bauermeister is the bestselling author of the novel The School of Essential Ingredients and the upcoming novel Joy For Beginners.

Hi, my darlings! Today my blog is about food again. In my free time, I like to discover and cook something new. We live and study with my sister here in Malaysia together. So, while she was at school, I just decided to make my lovely sister’s day sweeter. I hope you guys will like this new recipe and I could make your days sweeter too.   

This blog connected with previous blog, where you guys can find how to make yogurt and cottage cheese at home. So, let’s start to make this positively crazy-simple dessert you’re sure to adore with ingredients you likely have on hand already!  

3 easy steps of making dessert

3 easy steps of making dessert

Enjoy your dessert!

Enjoy your dessert!


bananas – 2

cottage cheese – 300 grams

yogurt – 2 tablespoon

butter – 50 grams

sugar – 3 tablespoon

cocoa powder – 2 tablespoon

4 easy steps of the process making dessert:

  1. Just sweeten the cottage cheese with sugar, and then cover bananas.
  2. Mix yogurt, butter and cocoa powder and let it melt in the steam from the boiling water for about 5-10 minutes.
  3. This is the best and sweetest step. Just cover bananas once your sweet sauce is ready.
  4. Let set dessert for 20 minutes in the fridge and then enjoy your sweeeet!!! If you like, you can add some nuts on the top!

This sweet dessert is Easy, Quick, and Sooo…delicious *.* Yummi :P.!!!

Just share your love and make someone’s day sweeter too!!!

With love, your Nurzada!

Written by SuN!

Never Enough.

Never Enough. It means what it means. We are never enough, they are never enough, my things are never enough, my money is never enough, every single thing is never enough. I admit, there are times that I have been ungrateful of things I have. Always counting the things I don’t have but never realizing how much I have and sometimes I see others and I envy them for having things I don’t have and sometimes I even think what other people have is better than what I have when the fact is I have what they have but that’s us humans. We should start seeing the things we have and start appreciating them. There are times as well when you see other people’s partner are better than yours. You start to compare. Nobody should be compared. Everybody is different in their own way. We might say our partner is this and your friend’s partner is good at this and he is not. When you have two people in front of you and you weigh the good and the bad, well, at times yes it is necessary but at times when you find what you want, you already have it next to you, but you just want more. The characteristics grows. Today, you may want this and tomorrow, you might want something else. You see your friend’s boyfriend all sweet and you start to compare and you change the direction and say “I want that. Why can’t I have that?”   images   This is my personal experience, every time I go through a break up, I will start wishing, praying and listing out my types. When I was 16, I wanted to date someone older. When I say older, I mean someone who is still in school, probably a year older. I like older guys. I go for maturity. So, I met someone that was still schooling and went to the same night class as I did and he was a year older than me. It lasted for about 6 months and we took different paths. He was a great guy, definitely. The bad part of all is that he don’t understand myself and we always end up arguing for silly things. He even says out things that just don’t make sense. But apart from that, he was really great. I remember him spending on me when I don’t have money. He never mind wasting time on me because he is willing to do anything for me. He was definitely a sweetheart but all that was drained away because I couldn’t handle the differences and started drifting my feelings and started praying for something else. While both of us started drifting apart, I prayed for somebody else to pop out in my life. I wanted someone tall, knowledgeable and really smart! And I didn’t have to wait too long, somebody else appeared. Someone who is 2 years older, really smart and he was continuing his studies in engineering at IUKL. Well, we dated for a couple of months and our differences came to appear and it drilled in my head and I couldn’t handle it. He was really smart and he actually made me feel inferior and intimidated by him and he actually made me feel stupid. Wrong prayers I guess. I should have said someone who is smart but does not make me feel stupid. So, we ended it. Basically, it is just never enough. You may get what you want, but not everything fits the bill. Not everything you want is everything you need. What I have learned is that we need to appreciate what we have and what is actually given to us. Not everything is perfect and not everybody is perfect. Why expect more from someone else when we ourselves is not perfect? Lesson learnt. Ever since that day, I no longer have a list of guys I want to end up with. In fact,I changed my prayers to “What is best for my religion and myself is best for me”.

Written by Kumki.

Its finally here…

Nope, not my Groupon order… the GST..!!!

Although I did, at the back of my head, hope this may be an April’s Fool day joke our ‘amusing’ government is pulling?!!

But no, its happenning. This morning, the university car park charged RM2.10 instead of RM2.00. I suspect that is the reason why the queue into the parking is exceptionally long… I bet everyone was busy digging for that 6% GST.

So congratulations Malaysia for the successful implementation of GST.

I truly hope this is really for the better of the country… like how it has always been sung..

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.00.13 PM

– tax payer