Claudia’s Assignment

The blog review that I have done for my assignment is based on a blog written by a lady, Gene, who is a certified clinical nutritionist with more than 6 years of working experience from the website Choosing Raw.

Gene works with clients of any age with a goal of her own to achieve by giving advices and talking to them based on healthy food choices for a good body, having a healthy balanced diet and building relationship with food. Food is one of the best thing life has to offer, so, why not build a harmonious relationship with food?

It’s really amazing how she has her own website to communicate with her clients or those who seek help due to eating disorders or seeking motivation in order to eat healthy. The reason why her blogs are all very interesting is because I believe that many people are able to learn so much in order to improve personal eating habits including myself. Her written blogs are very informative and easily understood. It is also written professionally where she includes her own personal experiences as well. She even provides all different kinds of recipes in her blogs too! The pictures inserted in her blogs looks absolutely scrumptious and not forgetting, they are all healthy!

The background colour of Gene’s website has no designs but it is plain white in colour whereas the navigation bar is filled with a soft pink colour to it. I feel like these two colours creates a very positive and light energy for the people out there who visits her website. There are also some icon boxes which is filled with the colour green which looks like it signifies healthy greens. Her homepage includes some simple illustration designs of vegetables and fruits, ensuring that her blogs plays a role in providing healthy information. Her website is very convenient and easy for all to access it. Moreover, on the right-hand side of the website where there are a few small advertisements boxes, she includes some of her popular blog posts.

My favorite blog written by Gene is Never Let A Bad Day Turn Into Two. She wrote this blog due to some of her clients who emailed her regarding their bad days which disrupts their eating habits. So, what she always respond was “OK. Let’s not let one bad day turn into two.” What she meant by that sentence was that everyone goes through all kinds of problems, no matter how big or small it may be. These problems creates a lot of stress and pressure, where a person in dilemma, will then have eating disorders. Besides, this will also cause more feeling of guilt in oneself. When all of these feeling overwhelms us, things would get even worst in which we would undergo poor eating habits. If this continues, not only we will allow one bad day to turn into two, but two bad days would turn into three and it would carry on and on.

Yes, I do agree that there are some days where we will go through all kinds of stressful happenings. The advice that Gene gave was those troubled days will eventually turn unimportant when we look forward to the next day. A new start is all we need. No one loses or gains an amount of weight nor compromise one’s health from a single day of poor eating because what we do every day is the one that matters instead of once in a while.

Gene discusses on her personal lifestyle experiences as well. How stress affects her sleeping time and eating habits. Getting herself involve with many activities also gives her the similar effect. Due to these situations, Gene calls it the nutritionist fail. The reason why she calls it so is because she is a nutritionist herself, but, on those particular days, she tends to not eat well nor healthily.

Well, we are all imperfect humans. Even certified nutritionists are normal humans too. No matter how we try to perfectly manage a healthy and good lifestyle for ourselves, on certain days, problems may occur in which it will somehow affect our healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, bad days happen naturally. On those bad days, it’s easy for anyone to overeat, undereat, stress eat or eat emotionally. However, the secret to stop disrupting your eating habits is to allow yourself by giving tomorrow a new start so that we do not multiply those bad days. It is all about the choice that you need to make. It is all in the mind and how you control your emotions and thoughts.

Gene uses the similar advice and logic on her clients including herself as well. Not only it’s regarding eating habits but an overall healthy lifestyle too. In her point of perspective, nutrient-rich food is what we need to nourish our body which is the best cure for a bad and stressful day. Instead of avoiding how stressful things around us can get, we can undeniably improve the way we handle our bad days.

In this blog, Gene also included a picture and recipe of a delicious looking homemade breakfast smoothie which is called the ‘Blueberry, Banana and Avocado Smoothie’. She even included a few other pictures of the healthy dishes she had made.

Choosing Raw is definitely a good website in helping you to eat clean. There are lots of blogs to read and delightful recipes to try. Furthermore, the blog, Never Let A Bad Day Turn Into Two is a really good read for those undergoing eating disorders due to bad situations.

Written by: Claudia Jane Pereira   (WEBSITE)   (BLOG)


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