Meutia Putri’s Assignment : Blog Review


Blog review is a pretty popular these days as there are so many exciting blogs out there. The blogger has becoming like a celebrity. The fashion blogger will be invited to fashion awards or shows, and the cooking blogger could publish a cooking book. Reviewing their blog could be done as an exchange of publicity and sometimes generate income.

Today I would review a blog post because I like the post and would be happy if I could tell and share about it. It is not a paid review but I always find “blog-walking” is very interesting. Today, I would review Roger Ebert’s blog at Roger Ebert is Roger Ebert became film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times in 1967. He is the only film critic with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and was named honorary life member of the Directors’ Guild of America. He won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Screenwriters’ Guild, and honorary degrees from the American Film Institute and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Sometimes before we agreed to watch a film, we’d be thinking whether the film is good or not in order not to waste our time. Hence, we then will be thinking of researching its reviews online, a good example would be the professional Roger Ebert, in The website is well designed with a proper style of minimalistic and simplicity. Easiness in navigation is one of the main reasons, because you can find what you need in a glare filled with information.

A sample for research page is the post that I’ve personally picked, Spirited away. In this page/post, you can still easily weave through the flow of the website to do whatever desired with powerful navigation system, regarding something minor to be discussed as something I would like to call one major flaw regarding the post; Advertisement. There are advertisements on the sides of your screen, top, and bottom of it. Surprisingly, with many advertisement images, there are so far no glitches found. The web really stands up firmly regarding stability and security, makes it really safe for us to safely browse throughout the web, even its advertisement that are picked to be not hazardous.


The main focus of the post in this review can be seen by the post’s headline of “Great movie” in all capitalized letters, along with the movie poster by the headline’s left side. This means its focus is on reviewing the film in this blog. The content of the blog focuses mostly on standard filming criticisms, starting with its brief information regarding the movie’s history with its own iconic people involved (such as Hayao Miyazaki), the film’s artworks, techniques, cinematography, how much time it takes, etc. It then focuses on a brief story of Spirited Away through its main plot and storyline while, in a way, explaining the emotion, characters, traits, settings of the film, and its animation frame-by-frame techniques of the film. Generally, the focus of the blog is firm regarding its specialized content. All possible sentences are matched and simply make sense that makes the post alive, mostly because how the author shared this post; connecting. Thus, it relates to me by the way the post feels.

Messages are sent by its writing style in literature and grammar. Modern review-like language settings are set to be adaptable to various age ranges for its writing skills. These writing skills are most probably intended to all age that likes this movie. The post is also fully grammatically correct which makes it easy to read for us to even more understand the purpose of the author’s messages. The literary might also be connected to the intended audience of this website as well. The audiences are in a wide-range of age, from as low as eighteen to forty above. Because Roger Ebert is a classic legend movie critic, most people who are really into movie know him.

Roger Ebert is known since the years of classic 50-60s, and he is known for the “relative” criticism instead of “absolute” criticism. Yet he might have his personal taste on his critic on this movie Spirited Away, he will also put the consideration of his critic as to its value as a whole. The messages he sent to us readers are always effective in his own unique punch line in quotes. It is in his own way of putting the message that makes him have his own critical style and signature move.

Written by: Meutia Putri


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