Aaref’s Assignment

“A modern day travel into the past”, is the best way to describe Tim Dreese’s Travel Log & Design Journal. The man who travels around the world and blogs his events and travels across the world and how he comes across the most intriguing and fascinating places or objects.


His method of writing is more of a passive, formal and professional tone where he includes himself just as a small hint but mostly discusses how others should take a trip down there for those who plan to visit such countries that he has written about.


In his visit to the United Kingdom, from his post “One day at Windsor Castle | Windsor, United Kingdom”, Tim adds the element of historic perspectives and how important the Windsor Castle is to the Kingdom. It holds value of more than 900 years. His method of attraction is through the use of facts and geographic factors such as the distance travelled, or from which route Tim has taken and so on. The blogger included pictures that he has taken and a poster ad, which promotes the Windsor Castle. This method of attraction is through actual facts and is targeted towards those who are interested in learning more about culture, history, and architecture or for those who love sightseeing.


The reason why Tim’s blog is professional is due to the reasoning that it is more of a promotional post when in fact, it is just a journal of his travels to many different countries. He also added an image from Google Maps where readers and viewers can find the exact location of Windsor Castle.


What makes this blog so fascinating is the presentation and the design of the blog where it is simple and well organized, easy to read and user-friendly. The blog has an abstract background image that is neither too bright nor too dark. Tim’s titles for his posts are straightforward and eye-catching for those who are looking for specific places around the world. The reason why it is user friendly is due to the fact of the implementation for users to search posts by countries, where there are posts based on the countries that Mr. Dreese has visited and blogged about. Also, while reading a post, on the top of the post next to the title, on the left of the blog is his profile information where people can find out more about Tim Dreese and on the right is an image of the KMA Event Center at night as some form of art photography. The basic template that is used is white background and black text with a moderate font size that is easy for users to read.


Tim does not only rely on facts and historic information but also his experience as to where he chose to eat or rest as a form of helping those who are in search of a place to relax before they embark on their tour.


The blog is easy to navigate through as you can either find his posts under different categories such as countries, tags and his archived works as to which date he published a certain post for users to remember rather than having the need to go through every single post till the user reaches the post they are looking for.


Tim does not only randomly go to places around the world but he also attends events and expeditions such as a sea cruise.


The only purpose why Tim’s blog might be lacking in the sense of his context is he relies mostly on facts and not much on his experience so it would be a little difficult for readers to get a sense of the visual experience through his words. His posts are a little short that gives a more compact impact but it is still lacking in material. In addition, travel logs are more fixated on images of the travellers themselves as they venture into the wilderness but with Tim it is more of him taking pictures of the places without him being in it. The Windsor Castle is an example of him just providing information rather than his log of what he did. Details are essential in a travel log and not through written information but also about the experience that one would go through when visiting such a place.


Overall, Tim Dreese’s Travel Log and Design Journal is an interesting approach and blog for readers and viewers to hover around or surf on WordPress to stay updated on Tim’s travels and get simple information on certain places but this blog is more of a personal journal about Tim’s personal lifestyle, more like his own travel log save point where he writes for himself about all the places that he has visited while showing users the places of his checkpoints to look back upon.


Tim Dreese’s Blog: https://timdreesedesignjournal.wordpress.com/


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