Chinda’s Assignment

Marc and Angel Chernoff

Every once in a while, I stumble upon websites or blogs that could affect my life substantially, or could have an impact on anyone’s life in a big way. They could be fun, useful or just adorable… things that I absolutely just can’t have enough of. One of my favourites that I would like to share with you is: “Marc and Angel Hack Life”.

I discovered “Marc and Angel Hack Life” around a year ago and it became one of my favourites instantly. It is mostly lists of simple things to do or think about in order to take steps forward, progress and improve… They are not too heavy, long how-to posts with overwhelming lists of dull action steps. They are short tips and reflections on the little things that could make a huge difference in your daily life.

Marc and Angel Hack Life” is run by Marc and Angel Chernoff, very passionate writers who share their practical “life tips” and very inspirational advice. Since the blog’s inception in 2006, their blog attracted over hundred million page views as well as hundred thousand subscribers. The blog carries a great and broad range of articles on general self-improvement, productivity, and happiness. The blog shares thoughts and ideas that seem to be inspiring as many people as possible.

The blog holds Marc and Angel’s point of view, believes and perspective on what they consider interesting and notable events or people in and around their lives. They deal with the constant changes in human attitude regarding their decisions and goals. Each post is a strong reminder of what really matters right now instead of focusing on whatever that might hold someone back and bring him down.

Reading several of their posts regularly makes me strive to “think better, feel better and live better”. They are fresh and insightful. They present the tools any one needs to grow and develop.

One of their first lists I came across was “28 Dignified Ways to Impress Everyone Around You”. It is about impressing people by being an extraordinary human being. It is such an amazing read.

During the duration of life, people usually bump into others who consider their worth by how much money is in their bank accounts. Some others by the number of hours they work. And not to mention those who determine their value by the possessions they have come to have. And there are those who think that their worth is by the number of friends or followers they have.

These people’s conversations are overflowing with false trial of impression, but they are not realising that all it reaches is turning away from those who would love to share their world. And what most fail to understand, is that true conversation, which true friendship is built upon, is not formed by what they have done, what they have, who they know, or where they are going.

I am personally really interested in finding out who one really is. It does not really even matter what they personally think. I want people to be themselves, and I definitely do not want to be bored by repetitive wordiness just seeking to always “impress”.

Impress me by who you are, be someone who is genuinely concerned and interested in others, and from time to time stops to turn the direction of conversation by reflecting onto whoever they are talking with. I want to spend time in the presence of people who leave everyone they have spoken with feeling of importance and appreciation at the end of the conversation.

Even though that there may be some kind of repetition from a post to another,  that does not make the information any less useful, some things are just as good and make sense to hear for a second or even a third time. The repetition sometimes lets me think of them again, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

Marc and Angel Hack Life” acts as a treasury of advice based on true life experiences. It helps us understand who we are and where we intend to go. There is a long series of ideas and experiences that compose a lifestyle that is constantly trying to get used to in an attempt to make more significance. Marc and Angel’s thoughts, dreams, and creativity is the foundation of their drive. Their life moves forward as they lose the balance between simplicity and high ambition.

Marc and Angel have published a book: 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently  which is a series of short, to the point tips and reflections on the little things that made and still making a huge difference in their daily lives.

Marc and Angel Hack Life” might not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but they are totally worth checking out.

Written by: Chinda Mohammad


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