Blog Review : Passion for Baking

Blog Review: Passion For Baking

General Overview

In this assignment, I will be reviewing a Norwegian blog, which is quite famous in the Internet world. This blog’s contents are mainly related to baking. The blog name is Passion for Baking. The writer is a Norwegian lady named Manuela Kjeilen. She’s a mom of 5 children, a baker, a blogger, an author, a lecturer, as well as a photographer. ‘Passion for Baking’ has been running since mid 2010. Her first post was about how to make a red velvet cupcake.



In terms of blog layout, Passion for Baking applies a traditional intuitive design one would commonly associates with a blog. Posts are sorted by the latest dates, so one would always see the latest entries on the home page. On the top of every page we open in every section of the blog, the writer puts a row of navigation which can leads reader to many different section of the blog. On the right hand side of every page of this blog, readers are presented with a column consisting many contents of this blog.

A brief background on who Manuela Kjeilen is on the top part of this column, followed by clickable thumbnails in which each of them links to a social networking accounts of Passion for Baking. The four thumbnails link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as subscription to Rich Site Summary Feed (RSS Feed) of this blog. Below of it readers will find links to shop any of her published books over the internet, search bar that can be used to search any content within Passion for Baking, as well as link to archived posts categorised by different sorting options. One other thing to note is that the writer puts a link to a printed and /or PDF format of each recipes. Overall, I would say Passion for Baking succeed in executing a solid, intuitive navigational options, while keeping inline with traditional feel many readers would be familiar of.

It seems that soft pink is the main theme colour of the blog. Whichever page readers see, one would see soft pink dominating the whole webpages with some pinstriped patterns on the side. I think this represents its targeted readers. Although this blog is clearly suitable for anyone with interest towards baking, I would say that in writing this blog, Manuela Kjeilen targeted mainly women as the readers as reflected by the theme colour of the blog.

Blog Entry Review: Baked Lemon Cheesecake

In this second part of the assignment, I will be writing a review about one of Passion for Baking’s blog entry, which is a recipe to make a baked lemon cheesecake. The entry was originally published by Manuela Kjeilen on the 24th of February 2015.

As usual, Manuela Kjeilen greets the reader with wishing well greeting, which is nice and allows the reader to feel an elevated degree of friendship between her and the readers which is a good thing. The introductory parts which follows the greeting is also easy to digest in which she continues it with a light remarks that connects the introductory part of the entry to its content; how to make a baked lemon cheesecake. I would say Manuela Kjeilen managed to produce, yet another light, easy to read recipe with appropriate flow of information.

photo 2

photo 2

A number of pictures related to the recipe are shown on the page, each of them neatly placed in line with respective processes of making the baked lemon cheesecake. A straight-forward approach which of course a good thing for the reader. All of the pictures are of a good composition representing Manuela Kjeilen’s skill in photography. Tones are easy, colours presented within the photos are in line with the theme of the blog overall. Readers can clearly see the amount of dedication that the writer managed to put in this blog.

The ingredients as well as step-by step process are explained with an appropriate amount of detail which allows all the informations to appear clear and concise in a way that it is very easy and friendly to read. Manuela Kjeilen even managed to provide a dedicated page for calculating a number of different conversions (e.g. metric, oven settings, etc.), an attempt to provide handy tools for readers from all over the world.

picture 3

picture 3

I would say that overall, the choice of words, arrangements of sentence as well as the photography, serves a collectively important role in presenting readers with information that is not just attractive and easy enough to digest for people with interest in baking, but I believe that this blog can be inviting enough, and interesting for people in general. As of April 2015, this blog is nearing the end of its 5th year run, bringing more than 41 million page views. Looking on how Manuela Kjeilen managed to please her readers, It is unsurprising if this blog will only continue to bring more loyal fans, even I can not wait to look and try many other delicious recipes to come.

Last but not least, I like how on every recipe the writer puts a signature ending greeting ‘With love from Manuela’ executed in such a way it gives a touch of sweet impressions from Manuela Kjeilen.

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