For A Small Man, The World Doesn’t Seem So Big

Good morning, good afternoon and if I don’t see you later on through the day, good evening bloggers and readers!

I have always found myself puzzled at the very paradox of what people call a life. If we were meant to be found awake, dreamless asleep or even just a moment of serenity in our sweet escape, then maybe, just maybe, I may not be sitting here eye-to-screen, with a bitter rich aroma Davidoff coffee and some sweet symphonies of Dustin O’Halloran just playing on his piano.

It always starts with an individual slowly pulling a chair by a table that’s situated right in the corner and a simple yet complex observation of a stare, look or a brief moment of sight into others surrounding us within two, maybe three meter radius. I cannot see that far really but in that short distance of range that I can cover, I can tell that I am in comfort. Yes, satisfaction, that seems right? I would like to believe so because in this very moment I feel secured, I feel confident in not opening dialogue or holding onto that pickaxe to break the ice but it sure is such a beauty just to stop and stare. Freeze the moment only to realise what one could be missing out.

To all those in search of inner peace, take a good hard look around to see what objects or people make you. That is the very embodiment of a reality that is manifested of bits and pieces just walking past you. Every aspect if held dear but it takes one bite of fear that can easily create destruction in the face of the unknown.

Society socially selects subjects slowly to regulate the status quo on behalf of those who are not willing to get up off of that chair, take a few steps, clench your fists, look into someone’s eyes and say “Hello! it is not me you are looking for” but trust that humour can bring a transpiring twist of events to being capable of calling someone “a friend”. It doesn’t seem so bad, right? The world revolves around ideology which respectfully, responsibly,regularly, returns a “and hello back to you, would you like some coffee?” If only it were that simple, ooh wait, it is when you have the right cup of coffee prepared by the very hands that let you wave at a distance and say “Its been a pleasure and I hope to meet you again” but there always is that sound of a train just passing in the background to silence the darkness itself. Though, do not worry for there is always that light at the end of the tunnel shun from an iPhone 5 flashlight while they figure out how to score a three star on Angry Birds. I will instead tell you this, that the very person standing at the end of the tunnel is in fact, in actuality and living proof reality, is you standing in front of a mirror taking a selfie right as you wake up to get ready for another boring lecture when in hopes of a lecturer as Tony Stark teaching us on how to build the Iron Man suit.

There is essence to every essential presence that is needed, for darkness is not what scares us, it is the very light that shines from the depths of our hearts what frightens us since we never know when we might need to go and pay our electricity bill.

So I will leave you with this thought and do not be afraid of conversing with the unknown for we are only human, well I’m not quite sure about myself yet, I think …

“Similar in our differences, different in our similarities” -Dante Phoenix

So here is to the end of this post. You don’t need to find me, when you are sitting in Limkokwing University, just look for the Joke.

-Dante Phoenix


Yellow Goodness

Hello Peeps!

I am writing this from my laptop at my house, and Cyberia seems to become a tad more lifely. They just opened up a new mall called D’pulze. It is not very crowded, but it has a supermarket, restaurants, a coming soon cinema and bowling alley. So I got that going for me which is nice. I went to eat there a couple times a month. Tried a few of the restaurants, the sushi place, Plan B restaurant with scrumptious breakfast menus.

I went to eat dinner at Plan B restaurant but I got my eyes staring at the breakfast dishes, they all look very yummy. unfortunately they only serve them until 6 p.m. I decided to go to the supermarket which is wonderful because it has tons of uncommon ingredients and foods. So i bought what is necessary to make an omelete. Well, I dont need much but I bought a good cheddar cheese because I already have the rest of the ingredients at home.

Omelete is always good for breakfast or snacks. Ordering take out food everyday does not seem like healthy enough for you and its really the end of the month so you need/want something good and rich in taste. I am going to share to you how i make my omelete fluffy and cheesy!

All you need are eggs, butter, salt, and cheeseeeee! Crack the eggs and put in a container, and then beat the eggs until bubbly.

All you need are eggs, butter, salt, and cheeseeeee! Crack the eggs and put in a container, and then beat the eggs until bubbly.

My secret is to put 2 spoons of water with the egg and whisk! put a pinch of salt and whisk again. Now prepare your pan and put 2 spoons of butter in a medium heat.

My secret is to put 2 spoons of water with the egg and whisk! put a pinch of salt and whisk again. Now prepare your pan and put 2 spoons of butter in a medium heat.

Slowly push the outer side of the omelette to the centre to let the raw part out. This will make it cook evenly. Grate tons of cheese, wait till melt and fold the omelette. Get a plate and its ready to serve.

Slowly push the outer side of the omelette to the centre to let the raw part out. This will make it cook evenly. Grate tons of cheese, wait till melt and fold the omelette. Get a plate and its ready to serve.

Look at that cheesy goodness!!

Look at that cheesy goodness!!

Enjoy your omelette du fromage with chiili sauce or ketchup. You can also add parsley or tomato chunks instead of a plain one.

I hope you like this simple dish, it is easy to make and low cost too! Wish you had fun reading my post.

Au revoir!

by: Mary Poppins

TGIF! But?


Thank god it’s friday! It’s time to finally relax and rest after a long, hard week…

It’s so exciting, I can just do whatever I feel like… hang out with friends, Skype my family or run a movie marathon without having to worry about waking up early, next day’s class or so.

The weekend went well, until my friends suggested to hang out and have supper at the Mamak stall nearby. I got a little worried in the beginning, as usual. But it was time to overcome my fear, I thought.

Why would someone be afraid of a Mamak stall, you may wonder? Well… nothing at all except of the creepy cats, terrifying dogs or other scary sorts of animals wandering so freely all over the place.

So we went, sat, ordered, checked around and everything seemed fine. Sadly, It wasn’t too long before a freaking cat passed right under my chair. I jumped out of my place screaming and running till I got to the other side of the street.

You can only imagine how pleasant is the experience of hanging around with a person like me.

I’m seriously suffering. They’re not just at the Mamak, they are everywhere!

I can’t help it, I try my best but no one seems to understand my anxiety and fear. The moment always gets ruined somehow whenever I’m out.

I still remember that time when we were going to have lunch at Cyberia Smarthomes’ Clubhouse for the first time. I heard so much about how good their food was. After ordering and getting in our chairs I noticed 4 – 5 cats surrounding us and slowly approaching. I tried to remain calm but it seemed that they were getting closer as if it was a whirlpool of cats and we were right in the vortex. The food arrived, but I couldn’t even look at it… I forced myself and took a bite, and I don’t know how or why I felt that it was cat meat I’m eating. The cats were getting even closer. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I left right away and never stepped a foot in Cyberia ever since.

It’s really disappointing that some think it’s some kind of acting. I seriously feel like they are watching me, going to attack, scratch and bite me.

I think it all started when I was much younger. I was at our house’s rooftop listening to my Walkman. When I was about to leave, a cat jumped out of nowhere on me letting me tumble down the stairs. It’s one of my worst memories. Since then I’m literally terrified. Not just of cats, but all sorts of animals.

It’s so embarrassing but it’s really out of my hands…

I started watching videos and reading more about it. I hope that one day, I would have overcame my fear.

By: Whiskas.

Matcha Cupcakes

Greetings to all of you! this is going to be my first post on my newly established blog and i hope you will like it. For your information i am just an ordinary girls with extraordinary love of green tea.And since i love cupcakes too naturally, i have in embark on a journey finding the best green tea cupcakes. I tries many different green tea cupcake on my journey however i am yet to find the prefect green tea cupcakes.

That is when i decided to make one because i thought why not make it my self as i have the skill and equipment to do so. And  now we are going to make matcha cupcakes. I will share with you some of the delicious pictures moment.

Look at those beauty tempting shades of green tea of the matcha mix.

Look at those beauty tempting shades of green tea of the matcha mix.

This is when i was about to fill the cups with the matcha mix with the meticulous matcha mix i have prepared.

This is when i was about to fill the cups with the matcha mix with the meticulous matcha mix i have prepared.

They became even more tempting after i have baked them. The green tea aroma will drive you crazy.

They became even more tempting after i have baked them. The green tea aroma will drive you crazy.

And now my green tea cupcakes ready to be served with chocolate icing on top.

And now my green tea cupcakes ready to be served with chocolate icing on top.

Thank you guys for reading! hope you will like it 🙂


Panda Express

Happy Sunday, lovelies! Did you have a wonderful weekend? I spent most of my weekend watching films and seeing so many cute nail art designs. Anyway, I couldn’t think of any design or colour I wanted for this week’s nails (which is pretty rare for me). Do I want something cute, or something chic? Bold or elegant? Too many choices! I finally decided to make a cute lil panda because it simple and easy to make.

So today, im gonna show you how to make that cute lil panda.


You’ll need:

  • Base coat
  • White, black and transparent nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Bobby pin


1. Paint your nails with the base colour, and make sure the nails are dry before the next step


2. Use white polish and draw a round shape for panda’s head


3. Use bobby pin to draw 2 black half circle for panda’s ears


4. Use bobby pin again to create 2 big black eyes and a smaller dot for nose


5. Finish the eyes with tiny white dots


6. Apply top coat


Hope you like these look. dont forget to leave comment below and you can also request what nail art should i make 🙂

by: nailartfairy


Ever got stranded at the most remote area on an island before? Well, I recently did experience it. Now I could scratch that off my bucket list (though it was never really written there till it happened for real). Like the saying goes “expect the unexpected”.

It all started when John and I went for a hike in a forest heading towards a place called Monkey Bay. It’s the name of a beach which is quite a distant from the other happening sides of the island. We were fully prepared for the hike in terms of backpacking food, drinks and extra clothes. However, we didn’t really had a proper attire for hiking since it was a spontaneous plan during our second last day stay on the island.

Our friends were ahead of us but gave up immediately after 15 minutes or so due to the steepness of hiking up the forest. There were no proper steps nor  direction. The only advice we had from one of the Salang resort staff was to follow a thick black electric cable from the forest all the way to Monkey Bay. He even assured us that the hike would take up to about a half an hour journey or 40 minutes at least.

The start of the hike

The start of the hike

So, John and I carried on hiking without tthe rest. All of us made a deal whereby if we were both not seen anywhere near the resort by 3pm, it would mean that we continued hiking all the way. Therefore, it would also be a sign for the rest to take a taxi boat to Monkey Bay and meet us there instead. Our way of “communication” may seemed very old fashion, but this was because we had no mobile service lines on the island. As we both hiked deeper into the forest, the environment got darker and darker. We were surrounded by all kinds of noises made by insects and animals. Even the bushes shook every once in a while. Time passed for more than 40 minutes and we were still not there yet. I got a little worried and afraid but John urged me to keep moving. We followed the thick black electric cable all the way. We made a few stops for a short rest. At certain points, we required personal instincts in order to choose and pass through a safer path. I thanked God so much for John’s incredible and good instincts because every path we took kept us both safe! We climbed on logs, walked in between thick bushes, went under huge cobwebs, climbed on big rocks, till finally, we could hear the faint sound of the waves!

Almost reached Monkey Bay

Almost reaching Monkey Bay

Slowly, the sunlight started shining through the forest again and the sound of the ocean waves got louder and clearer. After passing through some vines, we finally made it out of the forest ALIVE! The whole journey took us about an hour and the half instead of 30-40 minutes. We ran to the beach with so much happiness! However, happiness didn’t stay long by our side. We came to realize that the no one was at the beach. There was a small hut which said “Taxi Boat” but it was nailed shut and looked like it was abandoned for a very long time. We got worried started questioning where were the rest of our friends. It was already almost 6pm and there were still no sign of them. We sat by a log, drank our juice box to quench our thirst from the tiring hike and had some snakcs. Then it hit me! What if, just what if, they changed their mind and had other plans instead of taking a taxi boat to Monkey Bay? What if they expect us to return by hiking back again? But we couldn’t possibly do so since it was getting dark soon and right at the moment, there would be less sunlight shining through the forest.

That was when we both realized, we were actually stranded on Monkey Bay. Literally stranded! For real! We saw a boat and a ferry passed by from quite a distance. We waved and shouted for help but it didn’t work at all. So, John suggested that we should gather firewood for the night, and we did. However, the worst part was trying to make a fire since we never had the skill. We gathered some big leafs to sleep for the night too. We even had to do our toilet business the very old fashioned way. It was already sunset and there were no boats passing by at all.

Then, I noticed a boat, coming from a distance. John waved his hands and shouted for help. The boat slowly approached us. When it reached the shore, we noticed there were two guys on it. One of the guys asked us whether we knew a girl named, Charlotte, because she sent them to rescue a couple. We told them that she was a friend of ours. We packed up our stuff and got on the boat with a sigh of relief though we felt a little embarrassed. The boat ride journey back to Salang, where the resort we stayed in was located, took us less than 10 minutes. We thanked the guys who rescued us when we reached our destination.

Farewell Monkey Bay

Farewell Monkey Bay

One of the guys on the boat who rescued us

One of the guys on the boat who rescued us

We then reunited with our friends on the beach who were all really glad knowing that we were still “alive”. Turns out, there weren’t any taxi boat available to Monkey Bay because all of the boats were already fully booked. When they realized that we still weren’t back yet, they made so many urgent calls to get us rescued till finally in the evening, they managed to get one boat which returned to Salang first. John and I thanked them so much for rescuing us!

It was such an epic situation to have really experienced it for real! I’m proud to say that I never actually thought I would ever get stranded on a beach, even if it was just for a few hours. To be honest, a part of me wish we did get stranded till the next day but to be rescued is a good thing which happened as well.

Written by Vanilla.

My favourite product!

A few days ago I went to Kuala Lumpur. Finally, I found a cottage cheese at the grocery in the Pavilion shopping centre. I was so happy, because I like products that are made from milk:  cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter. Unfortunately, that “cottage cheese” wasn’t good. Also, it costs 37, 60 ringgit for 400gr. It is expensive for students.

I never had a problem with milk products in my homeland.All milk products are totally different in Malaysia comparing from with my homeland. (That makes me sad, and actually not only milk products). Seriously, I used to eat a cottage cheese with fruits or just mixed with a honey every morning. The thing is that I haven’t been ready to live without cottage cheese. I can’t imaging my day without milk products! Then, I decided to make it by myself. I never had experience in it. I thought it was going to be really difficult. But I have seen when my mom  was making it. So, I actually knew the theoretical part of how to make yogurt and cottage cheese. The reason of why I am writing about these things is that some people (especially girls) interested and asked me how I make natural yogurt and cottage cheese at home. So, I guess this information will be helpful for some foreign students!! Making those milk products at home is simple, economical and delicious!I wrote the recipe of yogurt, also the long way, and then the fastest way of making cottage cheese. Let’s start.

How to choose milk and yogurt?

1. For milk, actually no matter which milk. You can choose any milk what you like. Only one thing you should know is that the milk will be better to use whole or with the highest percent of fat. It will make  yogurt creamiest. Also, you can use low fat milk too. I usually choose with low fat.

2. For yogurt, choose any regular or Greek yogurt. But don’t forget to check out the ingredients. The yogurt should combine with a little bit of already-cultured yogurt.

(I added photo of milk and yogurt that I usually buy)

So, if you got your milk and yogurt, lets go to cook. For the first time, it might look difficult. But it is very easy and it does not take so much time. Just try one time, then you will never buy yogurt or cottage cheese from stores.

How to make yogurt:

  1. Heat the milk. You need only a heavy pan with a lid. Heat milk in a large saucepan over medium-high heat and stir it frequently. It might take around 10-15 minutes, do not leave unattended—it can boil over very quickly.
  2. Cool the milk. Turn off over and let it stand, while it will become warm. The temperature of milk should be  just normal, as at room temperature. You can carefully touch the saucepan or check milk with your finger.
  3. Thin the yogurt with milk. Add about 3-4 tablespoon of yogurt to the pot with milk, then stir the mixture while yogurt will dissolve in the milk.
  4. Wait for the yogurt to set. Set your saucepan right over the kitchen towel, and then cover it to help keep it warm. Place in a very warm place. Let stand, undisturbed, until thickened and tangy, at least 8 hours and up to 12 hours. I usually make it in the evening, so I can let it set at night. Then in the morning it is ready. Refrigerate until cold, about 2 hours. The yogurt will thicken a bit more in the refrigerator.
  5. Actually, the longer incubation period will make the yogurt thicker and sour. However, don’t forget about it. Do not leave your yogurt out any longer. Otherwise it will begin to spoil. But there is another secret…Guess what is it?

Don’t worry! If your yogurt has gone bad (become spoiled), you can make a cottage cheese. Yeah, you read it right. How you will ask me. The answer is down:

  1. Once the yogurt is ready, you can just drink it as yogurt. But to make the cottage cheese you need to wait a bit more (let it sit 24 hours or more) until it will become spoiled.  Then just need to heat it again over low heat.
  2. Watching carefully, let it heat while curds will start to form. It looks like a small white ball. But don’t boil it. I guess, it takes about 5-8 minutes to separate curds from whey.
  3. Once you see that almost all curds separated, remove the saucepan from heat and let sit for a few minutes.
  4. Bring strainer or a clean cotton cloth, and then put it over the other clean saucepan. And then just start to pour the saucepan with curds into the other empty pan.
  5. Take out the cotton cloth with curds and hold it under cold water few seconds. Then just squeeze the cloth to get curds dry. Your cottage cheese is ready! Enjoy! You can add some fruits, or add nuts and mix it with honey! Sooo…delicious *.* Yummi :P.

Don’t want to wait? Here is also other shortest way of how to make cottage cheese. Easy!

You need just heat the milk over low heat, and then stir in lemon juice. That’s it. Then just read again and follow number 4-5 from last instruction!

One small advice, once you finish making cottage cheese, you can also use whey (yellow water from curds). My grandmother forced me to drink the whey in the morning to heal my gut. And, it is really helpful to drink sometimes. So, the whey is like a bonus food. Also, you can check out this website, where you can find 10 ways to use whey! 961730_618423824968983_439484235_n 10928814_618424051635627_2043403512_n 10937688_618424114968954_351057915_n 11077685_618424141635618_1433638534_n 11079076_618423884968977_1102120806_n 11084416_618423964968969_1445188068_n 11104017_618423841635648_750655093_n


Written by SuN