A legend story from my hometown


Legend has it that long ago, the town’s riverside lived a family, mother and son live in dilapidated huts each other. Mother age has been high, rickets waist busy all day farming organizations. Xiao Wu Long teenage son, sensible and well-behaved, mowing every day to go home to feed cattle and sheep landlord in exchange for meager livelihoods. Mother and son, although hard work, still do not live a surplus of day.

One day, Xiao Wu Long climb up the hill to the mowing, mowing every day because too many people, entire hillsides bare. Go to the mountain, right? People often say that he thought the big mountain tigers, there are pythons. Go back to wow? They can not pay the demolition. He eventually ventured into the big hill behind it. Just climb the rock slope, they saw a large cage grass, grass green, fat and tender. Xiao Wu Long attend Xieqi with joy, put down the back pocket, throw the hand arm drafted to cut on the hands. Grass and more, and he was not any rush, so soon back pocket on packed full. Xiao Wu Long is very pleased to carrying a backpack down the cross, I thought what a nice place here, but also did not see the big people say beast.

The next day, Xiao Wu Long went to the big hills. “Oh! Strange furans, Zage yesterday cut off the place and long a cage fat, tender grass?” He froze! Think for a while, really do not understand. “Is not I am wrong place?” Xiao Wu Long picked up a few small stones, in that the grass beside the nest made ​​a mark, again mown grass, carrying a back pocket down the mountain.

On the third day, the sun just rising, Xiao Wu Long climb the mountain. He was a sight that shocked the drum with a pair of round yo eyes, motionless, staring at the front of the cage is still lush grass. Yesterday deliberately left the Stones number, intact heap in the grass on the edge. “It’s so strange!” He whispered to himself. Made a stunned moment, Xiao Wu Long decided to check it out. After quickly mown grass, pick up the sickle planing to go to the grassroots. Digging digging, ground sudden ray of light accompanied by a plume of smoke drifting into the air, Xiao Wu Long seen God, between amazement felt the knife hit a hard and slippery stuff. He quickly put down the knife, hands clawed through soft mud, eyes flashing is a shining brilliantly dazzling red beads! Just then, a strong wind blowing hills, mountains and trees to be blown off like, just came out of the sun suddenly hid in the clouds, rumbling thunder and a hot pursuit of one. Seeing the rain will cause, Xiao Wu Long grabbed from the back pocket of beads destroyed, breath and ran down the hill.

After returning home, Xiao Wu Long after the discovery Pearl told his mother. Mother also very surprised. Mother and son talk for a while, decided to put this jewel hidden at home broken rice tank.

The next day, the mother to get up early to play rice cooking, stunned. Hey there! Originally soon after eating the rice actually changed much. She asked Xiao Wu Long, whether to buy rice? Xiao Wu Long shook his head denied. Row over a few days, the cupboard is always full of rice. Mother and son pulled into the vat Pearl complex, the next day found the water tank is full. More surprisingly, the mother placed a pillow under the red bead purse yard, after dawn opened it, turned inside the bag full of money. Happy mother and son from ear to ear. Since then, the mother and son in the days become better, this cottage is full of happiness and joy!

Mother and son to a good day why more inexplicable. Jewelry mother quietly told this thing to a good neighbor. But the days of a long, jewelry thing was a lot of people know. Did not last long, the news reached the ears of the bad guys, the bad guys from the greed. The same day, led a group of retainers menacing rushed hut, yelled, cried the mother and son stole his family’s jewelry, mother and son flew to hand over jewelry, or else put the house to burn. Mother and son scared to hold together! Bad a wave, retainers put some swarm mother tied up. Fiercely asked: “Where is the jewelry?”

Xiao Wu braved fiercely angry toward the bad guys. A slap in the face heavily Fan Xiao Wu Long in the face, Xiao Wu Long face suddenly emerge five red marks. Xiao Wu Long turned to give his retainers marched fiercely one hand. Lackeys screams, and then let go of Xiao Wu Long, Xiao Wu Long quickly ran into the room, opened migang in jewelry in his mouth and ate it.

Suddenly, the mother screaming. I do not know when, the son of the head actually grow horns, skin gradually also grow scales! Son’s body changes, and finally turned into a shiny black dragon. Bad people have already been scared missing. He gently to get rid of his mother’s hand, crying, looked at his mother, eventually went to the middle reaches of the river.

Black Dragon looked back at his mother 24 times, there have been 24 river beach, this is the legendary “Mother River Beach.”


When my Heart Decides To Fail

Why do I always get myself into stupid situations. I seek love in humans, I should be seeking love in God. I question religion sometimes, I feel I am going astray. Am I lost? I could be. I give in easily for something that I did not commit. Why? My silly heart can’t even answer me because it is too naive or maybe it is just stupid. I hate what love has done to me and I hate having this feeling of love. It is funny how I can hate love when both are the opposites of each other. I do not want to blame love but I blame my stupid silly heart because it just won’t stop loving. Heart, please connect with my brain and work together. Why is it so hard?

I want to be that girl that I used to be. I was happy, free and just having the best time of my life with my friends. Now, I feel trapped in this invisible cage. It is covered with thick black cloths and around my cage is a barrier; big thorns everywhere. I made this cage, I am the cause but how do I get out of it? No matter how painful it is, at some point I love it but it is at the same time torturous. I have so many people that loves me and will always be there when I need them. So, why am I still holding on to something that only creates a black hole in my life? Why is it hard to let go of something that is destroying me little by little. I never knew I could be this weak. Shame on me, shame on me.

Life of an international student

When in high school all you think of is becoming a teacher, nurse or a police officer. The most traditional careers that were reserved for everyone in the third world countries. After completing high school, form 5 or grade 12 in some countries. That is when one wakes up from a long dream and sees a lot of opportunities. One is confused and do not know what to do or which field of study to go into because of the lack of advice, guidance and knowledge. The local radio advertises study opportunities and the same advert is placed in newspapers. This young woman applies and she is accorded the opportunity to leave her home country to study far away from mom and dad. Not to mention the comfort of her mother land.


In a foreign country, your only form of identification is your passport. Your Identification card you got from your home country becomes just another card. You get to meet all kinds and types of people. Some have good intentions for others and the majority are just users. They use financially, emotionally and physically. Here you are facing a lot of challenges. This young lady (let us call her Mimi for now) arrives in Malaysia truly Asian and she has to face her brother from the West African countries. That is Nigeria, Guinea Conakry, Cameroon and Ghana to name just but a few. The men she is seeing are well built compared to the men in her home country which are of small stature and not so masculine. As a high school graduate, Mimi is so confused and to her surprise of perhaps her tough luck, most if not all the men are telling her how pretty she is. She is curvaceous and has a pretty face, just like the Africans like them. Little did she know that these men are only after one thing and that is sex, No commitments or serious relationship whatsoever.


Mimi registers on her second day in Malaysia and she settles in well. She met her dream men Joshua from Nigeria. They both are at the same University in Cyberjaya. Mimi came with other five students from her country, four males and one female. In total six of them came together and are all doing the same program. Mimi shares her story of Joshua with Katy, who also is just a high school graduate and has no experience in men and dating. One of the guys that came with them, Patrick is a bit experienced and was trying to warn the girls to stay away from men. But we all know what happens to a lady’s heart when that Prince Charming is found or at least the Prince Charming wannabe. Mimi just looks at Patrick and she laughs and tell him that he is just jealous. Joshua met Mimi at their residence just when they arrived and when they checked in. He assisted her with the luggage to her new room. I don’t know whether to say she is lucky or not, she gets a single room and Joshua asked if he can sleep over the second day. To which Mimi said yes. Thinking she now found a husband.

The sweet talker he is, with beautiful big eye, thick wet lips, Mimi could not resist but accept the suggestion. Joshua, comes to Mimi’s room at past ten in the evening on the second day. He sleeps over and there goes Mimi’s virginity in just seconds. They had a good time for the evening. In the morning Mimi is happy and she is now falling for all the lies she was told by Joshua. Joshua left and Mimi got ready for her orientation program on campus. On campus, Mimi was waiting for his call but to no avail. She went to the café for coffee and there she sees Joshua with another girl seated closely and all romantic. She runs out to the bathroom and called Katy, she is crying uncontrollably and her anger was just driving her crazy. One wonders, why one must fall in love so quickly. But yes, she was blindly in love. Katy came and saw her friend torn apart, the anger in her eyes could tell that something terrible happened. Katy asked if perhaps her friend misses home, for a second Mimi almost said yes but she could not lie because of what happened. She told her friend what happened from the previous night. The day for the two was cut short and they went home.

Later that evening, Katy was in her room with Joshua, he knows they are friends and Katy was being smart, not allowing him to be too close because she wants to get married before she gets sexually involved with a man. It was just before midnight and Mimi knocks on the door. She calls her friend’s name and Joshua was so scared and he ran to the bathroom. Katy followed and asked why is he hiding? He replied and said he needed the bathroom. Katy waited for Joshua to return to open the door for her friend. Joshua returned and Katy opened the door for Mimi, when she saw him on Katy’s bed, she just collapsed…

What a life of a student in Malaysia and what they are facing in the first days in this country. Be warned, men only think with their small heads and not the bigger one when it comes to ladies. Do not be carried away by the charisma a guy has. That too could be detrimental to your dreams and future…


Dalam terang pun

Kau hilang .
Dalam gelap pula kau tiada
Dan lihat jam di tangan.
Bergerak lambat.
Padat tiada ruang aku pon disitu
Hadam yang kelat
Telan yang pahit
Yang manis hanya ada dalam buku
Yang indah cuma ada dalam telenovela
Kalau yang sebenar.
Tanpa sedar
Semua pudar.
Aku bukan bola
Yang  apabila di padang kau kejar. Dan kemudian kau sepak terajangkan.
Kau fikir kau siapa?
Kauu ingat aku akan cinta kau sampai bila bila?
Kau fikir aku nak terhegeh hegeh pada kau saja?
Hilangkan saja

Friendship is a box. Friend is a gift inside the box.

How many friends do you have? Are you really sure that your friend is a real friend?
Friendship – is more than pleasant company or similarity of interests. Friendship – a deep, sincere relationship, which include a whole range of emotions. For friendship is characterized by a deep understanding of people. This means being able to communicate with each other almost without words, using gestures and facial expressions, to perceive and accurately understand each other on the basis of subtle movements and intonation, understandable only to friends and not perceived by others. Longtime friends can predict in advance the reaction and behavior of each other in different situations, until the determination of the thoughts that come to each other in the head at one time or another.
Friendship means closeness and mutual attraction of people to each other. This one is better than anyone else will understand our mood, our feelings, share the joy and sorrow, show compassion, comfort and support in difficult situations, will selfless assistance. If necessary, for your sake he even entered his well-being, will go to all sorts of sacrifices.
Norms and rules that guide people on friendly terms – is equality, willingness to help, the ability to understand, respect, loyalty and trust. Violation of any of them leads to the destruction of friendship, while in a relationship type of love people can kind of forgive one another for the sake of such violations feelings that connect them.
True friends support each other, not only emotionally, but also by other means available to them, and such support is always selfless, comes from the soul.
Friendship is a relationship based on mutual openness, complete trust, common interests, commitment of people to each other, their constant readiness at any moment to come to each other’s aid. Unselfish friendships, they man gets a kick out of that gives a pleasant another. Friendship, unlike love – it’s basically the relationship between people of the same sex.
Many people know about the phenomenon as a friendship, but do not know how to be friends. Innate need for it remains unsatisfied. Often the cause of this is the lack of understanding of the person of its nature. Only by understanding what friendship is, he gets the opportunity to fulfill themselves in it. Otherwise, if the friendship and there, it was only by chance and not appreciated properly until it falls apart, and the difference between a friend and a recognized when it is too late.
Although friendship is always someone gives more than it receives, the friendship is still based on reciprocity, friends should support each other. A friend is always a helping hand, rescued from trouble. Even if we never had to use his help, we can rely on him, he will not fail, will not leave you alone in a difficult moment.
Friends is so voluntarily share with others what is important to you, whether it’s your time or secrets, property or feelings. Share does not always mean to give, rather, it is the desire to let the other part is that you dearly. Strong friendship implies shared values, life positions, and even a general idea of the beautiful.

Trust makes a friendship stronger, strengthens it. Checking the strength and the power of friendship is essentially a check on the level of trust. Can I trust him with their property, life, can entrust an important secret or only unimportant secret? If we can trust someone only the sum of fifty thousand dollars, then such a person can be a good business partner, but not the other. If I really trust him, then trust without boundaries. I know that one will not leave me in the lurch, and will help in any situation, even if he does not agree with my opinion or consider my actions stupid.
If the friendly feelings have certain limits, it says that we are talking about not real friendship. Each of us has friends and acquaintances for joint entertainment as a “vest”, which you can cry, but a true friend – a friend for all occasions. In true friendship, when you feel the other as himself, can talk about everything without scruple.
On true friendship does not affect the time and distance. People can talk to each other only occasionally, to be separated for many years, but still remain very close friends. Such constancy is a distinctive feature of friendship.
We can see the physical or personal shortcomings of his friendship, he can be unbearable, boring or even something worse. However, a friend has a friend, loyal and reliable, despite all its shortcomings.

My Mind

The mind is vast and it has no limit. Nothing is impossible for the mind and it is unstoppable. The day our mind stop working is the day we die. It is believed that we only use less than 10 percent of our brain as an ordinary human being in our life time. Just imagine with the usage of just a few percentage of the brain, humans have accomplished so many great things and what would the world look like if everybody starts to use 100 percent of their brain. I think our world will never be the same again. It will be like a war zone I guess, because when everyone have the power, everyone wants things to be done their way and since everybody have different thoughts there would be clashes of ideas. Thought created by the brain and sometimes it can be influenced by the heart. Talking about thoughts, we can have either positive or negative thoughts on a same thing and it is like different sides of the same coin. Our thoughts depends on us how we decide to see things around us. When we decide to see things from a positive angle, everything seems to be fine and if we decide to see it from the negative angle then everything seems to have a flaw in it. Having a positive thought is like looking up in the sky and a bird poop on your eye, you never complain,never cry but just thanked god because cows don’t fly. I always try to stay positive even tough it is hard sometimes. Since small I have this positive thought that someday I will be someone very successful but when I start to grow up and understand a few things,things don’t looks the same again. For example I have seen my friends who wants to be a rock star is now working in star hotel instead of becoming one. According to him that was just his pipe dream and when we grow up, we should think rationally and choose what is best for us. Perhaps he thought becoming a chef at the star hotel is more promising than trying to become a rock star but the question is, is he really happy with what he does or he is doing it just for the sake of guarantee? Only god knows. Besides him, I have seen many of them who eventually give up all their dream they had when they are a kid and only a few manage to achieve it. I hope I am one of the few. Being successful to me is not how much money you have in the bank, the car that you drive or the big villa that you are living but being successful is doing what you like and enjoy doing it for the rest of your life with no regrets. I have this thought where I don’t want to end up like my ancestors, I mean working for others for my whole life. I am not telling that they are not successful, indeed they are very successful in their on way. My grandfather used to work for the Standard Chartered bank, the first bank in Malaysia. Then when he retired , it was over. My father works for the government and when he retires, it is over too. I don’t want to work my whole life for a good retirement plan because I don’t want to retire, I want to live. I can’t imagine myself in a 9 to 5 job for the rest of my life. Besides that, there is a norm in Asian countries where if you want to grow in your profession you have to work extra hours and it is a kind of sacrifice you make for the organization to show you are hardworking and loyal but the end of the day the one who is benefiting from all your hard work is the organization and not you.I have a dream, not the dream that Martin Luther King had once but this is a dream for myself. I want to start up my own business and work hard for myself. Since small I like BMW cars and I just don’t know why. Then when I grow up I realize its not just a car but it BMW, I mean its an exclusive car in Malaysia. So I decided I want to own it before I am thirty. It might sound silly but I have this idea or thought that if I start to work for others, by the time I am able to use a BMW, I will be in my thirties or forties so I decided to start my own business. Just in case if my business does not goes well and I am not able to use the BMW, I will still be happy because at least I did what I want to instead of just following the crowd. I don’t even know “BMW” stands for what but for me, its ‘be my wife’!


Regrets. Everyone has regrets in their life. The decision that they make can turn out to be disastrous or wonderful. Well, we’ll never know until you go through it. Don’t you think that regrets can turn out to be something inspiring? I think it can because with all the dramas in life that we go through will leave marks but at the same time those marks are actually something that you should proud of. Regrets happens because of a bad decision that you have made but because of that mistake, you are stronger and wiser. Nobody was born as a wise person. Each of us had to go through something painful in order to learn to come out from it and then move on to be someone better. 

For example, the regret of falling in love is quite famous in people’s life. Falling in love something beautiful but when something goes wrong, love always gets the blame. I mean, if love is so wonderful, why does it hurt? This is a temporary world, everything you see and touch is temporary but we human beings, especially generation these days are sticking to the idea of YOLO which also means You Only Live Once. People fall in love and fall out of love, we go through heart breaks and shed tears but at the end of the day, you’re going to have to move on and come out of it. Love is so powerful that even if the person is as cold as ice and as evil as the devil, we still push all those bad thoughts away and look at the good side of it. I mean, why is it so hard to let go of someone that is killing you emotionally? I guess it is the fear of being left alone and having no one to dependant on could be the biggest threat. Coming to think of it, you were never alone, because you had people around you who cared and gave you advices but you never took it, because yeah, love is blind. Then, you start to think of what could happen if you actually let go of this person. Yes, you will have regrets and probably hating the fact of being single and not having someone by your side but then, you have your freedom, no more tears and a chance to notice the people around you that loves you even during the darkest times. I guess love hurts because we give too much and expect good things to come out of it but when it does not happen, we blame love and hate love. 

And then you have the regrets of secrets. Have you ever had a big secret that you would never want to tell anyone but then you just feel that you have to tell the closest person you know? You do this because you want to lift a weight of your shoulder and get feedback from the closest person that you know and trust. What happens when the closest person you know reveals them to someone that you are not close with? Disaster. It is so hard to find people that can be trusted. I mean, you can be friends for almost 10 years but that same friend could back stab you a million times. That same person could leak the deepest darkest secret that you never wanted anyone to know. In this world nowadays, there is not such things as a secret because trust is abused and therefore secrets are no longer kept safely.

Something small could create regrets as well. For example, the regret of having a haircut, now you think you look like a total freak and everyone is going to laugh at you. Then you have the regret of attending an event because it was boring or you met someone that you never wanted to see again. Regrets are bound to happen in a person’s life and it should be taken as life lessons because as we grow older we’ll realise all the things that we had done and  probably laugh about it or just give yourself a pat of the back for surviving those moments. However, some regrets can be dangerous as it can cause a person to lose control and result in something disastrous. I guess it’s good to take everything with a pinch of salt and think wisely before making any decisions. At the same time, if you just want to make a mistake just to gain experience, I think it is the best way to learn from it and make better decisions in life, because that is just how you grow and become a pretty blossomed flower at the end of the day. 

The End 🙂